Dear Lori….  Please feel free to use this letter of thanks as a testimonial to the superb service I received while under the care of your travel service. My friends and family in the United States had major concerns about me receiving medical care in Central America, however, I had done my homework by reviewing your website and felt confident that your doctors and facilities were top notch. At the time, I was very unhappy with the quality of care I was receiving in the U.S. for a recurring infection and stomach issues that no one could seem to cure.

When I say that all I had to do once I arrived at my beautiful suite and private bath was to get up and get dressed, I meant literally just that. Three delicious meals were served each day, transportation to all doctor appointments, procedures and surgeries were provided and a G.M.T. nurse was present with me every step of the way. Every physician I saw spoke English, was very thorough in their examinations and made certain all of my questions were answered. The facilities were 21st century and the staff friendly and accommodating. All tests were done right at the doctor’s office instead of having to travel to separate facilities. Medications were included.

In between appointments I was entertained by being taken to museums, jazz clubs, out to dinner, and visited the local town of Antiqua for sightseeing. Who would have ever thought that the process of facing medical procedures would be such a pleasant experience?

I consulted with three top-notch specialists: Dermatologist, ENT, and Gynecologist. Over 7 days I had these procedures: Cystoscopy, CAT Scan, Chest X-ray, MRI of shoulder and lower back, Bone Density Scan, Complete Blood Work and colonoscopy, PLUS an arthroscopic surgery and manipulation on my left shoulder. I was provided with full reports, films and videos to bring back to the US. All of the above was done for a fraction, and I stress fraction, of what I would have paid back home.

Your service has been touted to everyone I know who is unhappy with the medical care and exorbitant costs of care in the United States. Should I ever require further medical attention, I will be contacting Guatemala Medical Travel.