Global skills and advanced technology with care and compassion, in Central America.

Guatemalan Medical Specialists With Satisfied Patients


We bring the most highly skilled surgeons, doctors and dentists of Guatemala together with patients from the United States, and other countries, who are seeking a more cost-effective solution to their medical needs.

It is our job to accompany you to meet the finest quality medical professionals, to maintain your bills at 60-80% less than normal U.S. prices, and to be sure all the surrounding details are done correctly and completely, the first time. Your experience in Guatemala will be not just satisfying, but outstanding.

Working together with a medical travel facilitator, patients have pre-arranged full-service medical attention with personal assistants, high-tech modern hospitals, and world-class dentists and physicians, who are thoroughly accredited and qualified.
Before you even consider travel arrangements, think of Guatemala Medical Travel as your personal advocate — in-country, on-site, and on the job — matching the patient to the appropriate physician, and making it work.


As Americans grow more frustrated with the inefficient and deteriorating U.S. medical system, they turn to the internet to access the vast amounts of information regarding the health care options available to them in other countries. Patients now have the ability to choose from the best in the world, not just in their home state.

Traveling to Guatemala for procedures that are not available close to home could be the most sensible solution to improve your quality of life and substantially reduce out-of-pocket expenses.


As a very specialized medical travel facilitator, Guatemala Medical Travel investigates and thoroughly qualifies the doctors and hospitals we represent in order to assure that our clients receive the finest medical care in the country. We verify credentials, conduct in-depth interviews and request letters of recommendation from both former patients and other doctors. Your assigned agent uses a variety of quality indicators to determine that our doctors have the medical talent, modern instrumentation, and quality staff to perform to your expectations at a fraction of the price that you might pay in the United States.

Unlike anything the U.S. medical system, Guatemala Medical Travel offers VIP companion advocacy services. If the patient has an outspoken nurse-advocate “watchdog” confirming and scrutinizing every move from the initial consultation right through 100% recovery and voyage home, the chance of someone making a medical error is almost zero.

Imagine having a business manager, personal medical assistant, private driver and caring companion attending to your needs from the onset of symptoms throughout your 100% successful recovery. On your return home, we compile all the documentation you need to claim tax deductions and receive insurance reimbursement for medical expenses.

At Guatemala Medical Travel, we have already done the research, and continue to update important data every day. You can depend on us to take your hand, introduce you to all the best contacts, and be there with you every step of the way.



Residents of the United States generally pay two to ten times more than people in other countries do for routine medical procedures. You may be shocked to find out that you can save $40,000 on a knee replacement in Guatemala, or $130,000 on a new heart valve. The entire dental implant package is $2200, not $6000. In Guatemala, a cancerous tumor could be surgically removed and successfully eradicated for less than what you paid for your daughter’s wedding or your kitchen renovation. We give you VIP service and no-nonsense up-front pricing.


Guatemalan surgeons and physicians who are associates of G.M.T. earn advanced medical degrees in Europe or North America, then return home to open their practices with medical skills far beyond those of other doctors who have medical and surgical experience in only one country. The doctors we choose are fully trained and up to date with procedures and materials that have been proven successful in the best hospitals in the world, sometimes before they become available to patients in America.


In Guatemala, medical providers do not have to endure complex government and insurance regulations that can restrict the time they can spend actually listening to and treating the patient. Our doctors can be absolutely honest about making accurate diagnoses and initiating the treatment plan that they determine to be most effective, without corporate or legislative interference.


Patients in Guatemala are actively encouraged to fully understand the treatment methods the doctor prescribes, and to participate in the decision-making process for their own long-term good health. Depend on your GMT personal advocate to facilitate the process and keep you informed, promptly and efficiently.

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