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Lori Shea

General Manager, Guatemala Medical Travel

Lori Shea is originally from the Connecticut shoreline and Block Island, RI. After college studies in Mexico, Washington DC, and Miami, she was providing consulting, accounting, sales and marketing services to the hospitality industry in Miami Beach and Key West until the early 2000’s. Lori first arrived in Rio Dulce, Guatemala aboard a sailboat in 2005 and started Guatemala Medical Travel in 2009. She designed and developed the “Central America Doctors” on-line medical directories in 2016, which are now under new ownership.
Guatemala Medical Travel

Karin Rudberg, RN, BSN

Nursing Director, G.M.T. & Casa Muriel

Karin grew up in Sweden and earned her nursing degree there in 2010. She attended specialized university programs in Nicaragua and Africa, which lead to work in the field of global health, and then a master’s degree in International Public Health. She speaks Swedish, English and Spanish fluently.

Nursing specialization in geriatrics, cardiology, and orthopedics in Europe gave Karin the skills and experience to accurately care for surgical patients of all ages, and to train the Casa Muriel nurse assistants to the highest standards. Karin’s devotion to preventive health and nutrition is evident through her participation in her family business, Caoba Organic Farms in Antigua, Guatemala.


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Medical bills can be paid here, from your home, quickly and safely through PayPal, Zelle, or various international transfer methods. Your pre-payment package will include all medical expenses, medications, accommodations, and assorted services. We accept US$ at banks in the United States or Guatemala. Ask your medical travel nurse companion about the payment procedure that will work most easily for you.

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