While trying to research local doctors to treat my infection and injury, I found Guatemala Medical Travel. With years of research behind them, GMT knows all the best doctors in Guatemala. They set up my appointments, drove me into the city, helped in the recovery process, and invited me to stay in their beautiful guest house. I had probably $15,000 worth of laboratory tests done, saw 7 doctors, and began physical therapy, all for about $2,000 in the week I was in Antigua. Every doctor treated me like a human, took interest in my case, and spoke English fluently. The doctors were up to par if not better than ones I have experienced in the US. I got an hour with each for a fraction of the price I would have paid in the States.

Lori and the rest of the staff at GMT made me feel safe, welcome, and healthy again. GMT is an amazing agency here in Antigua- a quaint city that is surrounded by the most beautiful volcanoes!  After doing some research about GMT I found that they mostly do major surgeries and other massively expensive medical procedures that are plaguing the US. What a genius idea!  I had a great experience here at GMT and would highly recommend their services to anyone- traveler or not- who needs to get high quality health care at a low price.