I can only imagine that I hurt my back 30 years ago while doing a Navy diver’s course. In my spine, I have a lumbar vertebra which is crushed, or still being crushed by disks both above and below. This bone and the nerves to my legs were being attacked by bacteria.

After five months of deterioration, my daughter came to visit me and immediately called Guatemala Medical Travel.

Lori gave her directions to the top Guatemala City hospital and instructions to have me there as soon as possible. Lori met us there on Sunday afternoon and had me admitted immediately. After five days intensive care and seven days of further hospitalization, I went to stay at Casa Muriel in Antigua. Here, I was visited twice daily by a nurse for intravenous antibiotic medication and received personal care by Lori herself.

For two months I was either unable to walk or barely getting around. I’ve been back on my boat for some months and getting better slowly. I’m walking again now but it still might be some time before I can go sailing again. But, without Lori I might not be writing to you.