Due to osteoarthritis, I needed a hip replacement, so I spoke to a few orthopedic surgeons and the general consensus was that even though I could get this surgery [near my home] in Belize, it would be better and more cost effective to get it done elsewhere, so I started researching options for having the surgery in Guatemala. I quickly realized that setting everything up (surgery, recovery, etc) from Belize would be complicated, especially with my limited Spanish ability.

I remember hearing about a company called Guatemala Medical Travel (GMT). I contacted them and after asking a lot of questions, I decided to work with them. GMT took care of everything from the scheduling to the billing and made the entire process simple. The day before the surgery I had pre-op testing and GMT walked me through everything and acted as translator. I was then admitted for surgery for the following morning.

Everything about the hospital was amazing. It was modern, clean, and the entire staff was professional and very friendly. I spent a total of two nights in the hospital, then I went to a patient guest house that GMT runs in Antigua for my recovery. I spent three weeks there. It included wound care by a visiting nurse and physical therapy sessions.

Everything in this entire process went amazingly smoothly. I can wholeheartedly recommend Guatemala Medical Travel and the fantastic doctors in Guatemala City.