In September 2011, I had a total right hip replacement in Guatemala City. It was tricky arranging the details from Canada where my wife and I were visiting family and that’s why I contacted Lori Shea from Guatemala Medical Travel. She was in contact via email and arranged bank transfers, sought out accommodations for me and Carole and made sure that the prosthesis I wanted was available prior to our flying to Guatemala.

Lori met us in the City, then arranged and drove us to my initial consultations with the surgeon and cardiologist. She also took us to have my blood work done and x-rays taken. The doctors and the hospital facilities were first rate with a caring staff that made me feel like I was their only patient. There were hugs, kisses and sincere wishes for a speedy recovery on my departure from the hospital. Lori arranged for the ambulance to take me to La Antigua for my recuperation and her staff drove Carole back to the apartment.

They made sure I had the necessary equipment and Lori contacted a nurse to ensure that my staples were removed on time. She also organized physical therapy sessions to take place in our apartment. Taking the paperwork off our hands, she kept us up-to-date with medical, financial and all medication details.

Lori handled scheduling efficiently, and she was generous with her offers to take Carole shopping or drop us off at places, and was always in contact with us throughout our two months in Antigua. The GMT staff were friendly and helpful. In fact, I can honestly recommend GMT to anyone thinking about having medical treatment in Guatemala. They provided a peace of mind for both of us and I’m sure this helped in my speedy recovery.