I am writing to relate my “much more than satisfactory” experience with Ms. Lori Shea and her company, Guatemala Medical Travel. In September of 2020 I became aware that the mesh that I had installed in the U.S. to correct a ventral hernia had failed. Although I have insurance that would have paid 100% of the cost of another surgery in the U.S. and only 80% in Guatemala, I was both unable to travel to the U.S. because the Guatemala airport was closed and unwilling to travel because of the pandemic. I was at a loss as to how to proceed, when two good friends here in Guatemala recommended Lori’s services.

I contacted Lori and was so impressed with her attitude that I immediately contracted with her to handle my surgery. I expected her service to be good, but it far exceeded my expectations. She made an appointment for me with a wonderful surgeon, arranged my admission to the best hospital in Guatemala City, assisted me in checking in (my Spanish is very weak!) and, in short, was with me all the way.

She also prepared all the necessary forms for my application for reimbursement from my insurance company (Humana) in such a thorough and professional way that within a month I received everything that was coming to me. I have no doubt that she saved me much more money than her relatively modest fee, and infinitely more than that in terms of trouble and worry.

I highly recommend Lori’s service to anyone who for any reason is contemplating surgery. The costs of surgery here are much less than those in the U.S., Lori deals with only the most highly skilled medical personnel, and the hospital facilities that she contracts for are the equal of any I have experienced in the U.S. Lori is First Class!