My ophthalmology surgeons in Antigua did the most caring, loving surgery that anyone can imagine. The tone of voice, camaraderie and deep feelings of intuition that were shown to me were beyond my furthest expectations, much less imaginings. The female anesthesiologist and the female technician worked with each other like a beautiful symphony. The room was filled with loving feelings toward each other as well as to me.

The attention to the details that are overlooked in the U.S. made for an exquisite experience of being truly cared about as a person and not as a number. The husband – wife team showed deep respect for each other in their communication which gave me even more confidence in them. Lori Shea’s level of professionalism mixed with her gift of being a care giver from the depths of her being, has made me want to shout about her from the rooftops.  I feel that I now have quite a list of folks that are acquaintances now, in Guatemala, that are destined to be friends for the rest of my life.