For 50-odd years, I have lived for the sun – on the beach and in the ocean. For the last 20 years I was warned all the time: “Wear your sunscreen and sunglasses for protection”. Even so, I never expected this…

Sometimes you see an irregular mole your back or face, but this time I got a cyst on my cornea! Yep, my precious eyeball. Treatment and surgery were hugely expensive in Miami, so thank you to Guatemala Medical Travel and Lori Shea for getting me back on the road to perfect vision again.

Surgery was three days ago, and on next Saturday the tiny, microscopic stitches will be removed. My surgeon was beyond extraordinary, in fact I could not see him earlier than last Saturday because he was called to Chicago on a consult (yeah, he is that good). I will still continue to live in my beach house 20 feet from the ocean, so if you see me, I will be the grateful one, in the hat, with the wrap-around sunglasses. I’m HAPPY folks!