I tripped and fell down, shattering my left elbow. OUCH. There was NO help available in the Rio Dulce/Morales area, other than x-rays, which proved the need for a skilled orthopedic surgeon. Lori Shea at Guatemala Medical Travel paved the way, making an appointment the same day I got to the city. She met me and took me to Multimedica, where the doctor made a very thorough exam, explaining and answering my many questions. Did I mention he speaks perfect English? Right there at the first visit, I knew I was in good hands.

Surgery was scheduled and duly performed, with only an overnight stay in an elegant hospital. I now have a plate and 7 screws, my first education on how it all fuses. Follow up care was simplified with the personal touch that Lori is known for, in transportation and scheduling. I am healing, mending, and doing the physical therapy necessary to get total mobility back. With your help, I am grateful to have found the solution to what could have been a permanently crippling future.