Lori, I want to thank you, Megan and Katharina for your support and attention when Beth and I stayed with you at “Casa Muriel” and I had the dental implants from the great dental team you selected for me.

When my Canadian dentist told me how much the dental implant would cost, it looked like there would be no way to have both the implant and to spend the winter sailing in Central America as we have done since we retired. However, I learned from you that you can get the same great – and safe – dental care in Guatemala as is available in North America, but for a fraction of the cost. I received first class medical care and I was able to spend the winter season sailing the Caribbean – talk about having your cake and eating it too!
But we also got so much more than that. Where else would you be picked up at the airport, driven to your appointments and have a registered nurse go with you to keep a record and to act as translator and advocate; or be told by your dentist to drop in anytime, at no charge, with any concerns or to check how things were healing?

From the hospitality you provide at your beautiful Spanish colonial home in La Antigua – a city rich in history and culture – to sharing meals with you, Megan, Katharina, to meeting your friends and other patients, to the personal attention you and your team provided, we enjoyed a first-class experience beyond what I could have imagined as being part of medical travel service.

I received a level of care and attention from the entire Guatemala Medical Travel staff that I would never have received at home or if I had tried to arrange for the dental implant abroad on my own. One of you were always around to answer questions, to give advice on medications, to fill out insurance claim forms, to arrange tours or to act as translator all in addition to the high quality of dental care that you arranged. Thank you very much.