I am a part-year resident of Antigua and have been for several years; enjoying the weather, the people, and the culture. I met Lori Shea and became familiar with GMT several years ago but did not enlist Lori’s assistance until this year when it became apparent that some dental issues needed attention and ought not be delayed any longer.

Lori and I discussed my general needs … She then arranged an initial appointment for me and managed my treatment. All treatment was highly professional, quickly accomplished; absolutely pain free and, most amazing to me, waiting time at each appointment was non-existent. I arrived and was in the chair almost immediately upon arrival. A short number of days later another colleague and implant specialist from the city arrived to do the two dental implants in the lower jaw. This was accomplished, again without wait or delay, in a little more than an hour.

The lab did an excellent job and additional appointments for adjustments over an additional week resulted in a comfortable, stable, final fit. At one early point in this process my dentist made some changes and then said, “try this for a little bit and then come back in an hour and a half, and I will make additional adjustments.” No appointment a day or two later, just come back a little later and we will fine tune it some more. What service and professionalism!

Altogether my cost for Lori’s management services and three excellent dental specialists was about one third (or perhaps even a little less) of what this work would have cost in the States. The service and care from everyone was of the highest professional skill and quality and, given my dental history, I have multiple frames of reference by which to judge! I am more than satisfied; I was delighted by the experience and recommend Lori, G.M.T., and Guatemalan dentists without hesitation or reservation.