If you want to celebrate your 70th birthday in style, with all of your sailing and traveling buddies, Rio Dulce Guatemala is the place to do it. Our friend Emy survived dancing on the bar and having a grand time with the old pirate crew, but on the short jungle pathway home, a stray tree root reached out and grabbed her foot. (Well, that’s the way she tells it, anyway).

Emy gracefully met the ground with both hands bracing, but on impact, the bones around her left elbow shattered. After a few days, the swelling and pain were increasing, so she knew it was time to call Guatemala Medical Travel, hire the pros, and go to the city for a proper evaluation with an orthopedic specialist. Her orthopedic surgeon said, “This is a terrible fracture, completely displaced, and the prognosis is worse when there is cartilage involved.” Elbow surgery was scheduled for the following week.

During that week, while we waited for Emy’s swelling to reduce, the GMT staff were busy with preparations: checking on patient progress, negotiating expenses with the hospital, securing availability of medications, scheduling accommodations, and discussing every detail in anticipation of Emily’s full recovery and total personal comfort.

At her one-month follow-up, the surgeon sees 80% fusion with the bones and very good range of motion. Even better, the patient is dedicated to continuing therapy, and she reports no pain at all.

Emy says, “I totally appreciate the exceptional care from the guapo Dr. C. and the professional competence carried out by GMT. I had not seen a doctor in all my time in Guatemala and had no idea where to look, so the guidance of a knowledgeable agent was invaluable to me and my recovery.”